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International cooperation, Catania, Sicily
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01.12.2010/01:00 International cooperation, Catania, Sicily


Summing up the visit of the leading experts in the field of medicine of Ukraine from 20.11.2010 till 28.11.2010 (Article in regional newspaper «La gazzetta dell 'ETNA» from 30.11.2010).


Signing the agreement on cooperation in area of medicine between Catania and Kiev.

Cooperation between medical institutions of foreign countries and Italy is now becoming increasingly important for Sicily. For example, a delegation of physicians from Ukraine, one of the former Soviet republics, on Monday, November 22 visited a large medical center  AOU (Hospital-University Enterprise) «Policlinico - Vittorio Emanuele» of Catania, to initiate cooperation and exchange of experiences between physicians and nurses for a successful health care reform in this country. I would like to stress that Ukraine, with a population of nearly 46 million people, begins to seek contacts with leading medical centers, focusing primarily on the treatment of pathologies of newborns and children, who currently can not be treated in the Ukraine; the ultimate aim is to import advanced models of effective health care management.

To achieve these goals are already established strong links with medical institutions in Texas (USA), began effective negotiations with the administration of health care centers in Sicily. The delegation of Ukrainian experts, led by the People's deputy of the Parliament of Ukraine Yuriy Samoilenko, was able to construct a bridge between Kiev and Sicily with the direct involvement of two charitable organizations: «HELIOS ONLUS» (founded in the city of Catania, President - Larisa Konishevskaya, Vice-President - Lo Re Salvatore, Secretary - Di Mauro Antonino, Medical Advisor - Dr. Salvatore Artale and lawyer Maurizio Scuderi) and  Charity Fund Medical Relief" (founded in Kiev, President - Oleksandr Etnis, MD, cardiovascular surgeon).

At the official level Ukrainian delegation held talks with administration of the University of Catania and with the academic authorities of the University, presented by Deputy Rector Maria Luisa Karnazza and President of the Faculty of Medicine - Prof. Francesco Basile. In the course of the meeting was concluded a preliminary agreement on scientific cooperation between the University of Catania and National Medical University in Ukraine to implement programs to improve the training of doctors and paramedical personnel, training courses, conferences and seminars for doctors and nurses to introduce to Ukrainian medical institutions innovative methods of diagnosis and patient care and realization of Telecommunication Technologies Program. Professor Maria Luisa Karnazza and President Francesco Basile demonstrated all possible willingness to cooperate, with particular attention to improving the quality of education of medical students.

Cooperation between professionals in the field of medicine, between Sicily and Ukraine is fixed by agreement signed by the leaders of the already mentioned charitiable organizations and General Director of Medical Center, AOU «Policlinico - Vittorio Emanuele» , Dr. Armando Giacalone. This Agreement was reached after a series of visits to various departments of the medical center (cardiovascularsurgery, thoracic surgery, oncology, department of pathology of newborns, department of maxillofacial surgery, etc.).

Indeed, under the leadership of Dr. Rosario Kunsolo, who is Director of the Presidium of this institution, the Ukrainian delegation had the opportunity to visit the various structures this on of the major medical associations: the emergency department, where the head of the department Dr. Giuseppe Carpinteri demonstrated the process of rendering first aid in emergency cases (to determine the severity of the disease prior to placing the patient at the appropriate hospital department),  thoracic surgery department, where the director Professor Salvino Saita provided an opportunity for Ukrainian doctors to observe during the operation of lobectomy; orthopedic clinic and the department of maxillofacial surgery, where leading experts - Dr. Giulio Bruno, and Dr. Marcello Marchi demonstrated their techniques and advances in surgery, causing a special interest of their foreign colleagues. Some of the Ukrainian physicians also visited the Hospital of Santo Bambino, accompanied by Dr. Cutuli della Direzione, medical director of the department of obstetrics and neonatal pathology.

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