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13.01.2011/22:00 Article about the visit of Ukrainian delegation to Italy


13.01.2011 in Italian regional newspaper "La Sicilia" was published an article about the visit of Ukrainian delegation, called "Bridge of the Commonwealth."


Translation of the article:


     Ukraine became closer thanks to signed a few weeks ago agreement between the Association of Catania «HELIOS ONLUS», AOU «Policlinico - V. Emanuele» and Charity Fund Medical Relief " (Kiev). Three parties united together, despite the geographical distance, with a common goal - to build an international bridge of the commonwealth, which will enable the exchange of experience in the medical area, to improve the quality of health care in Ukraine and Italy. 
     Association «HELIOS ONLUS», whose founders are: President - Konishevskaya Larisa, Vice President - entrepreneur Lo Re Salvatore and Secretary - Di Mauro Antonino, is engaged in charitable projects, one of the areas of its work is to help Ukrainian patients suffering from diseases that today in Ukraine can not be treated. In Ukraine, with a population of nearly 46 million people there are a lot of pathologies that Ukrainian medicine now can not handle. There are problems with bone marrow transplantation from unrelated donors, certain types of plastic surgery, insufficient level of Reconstructive Orthopaedics, the number of hematological and oncological diseases remains high. Over the past five years, infant mortality remains high. 
     The result of joint work of the Association «HELIOS ONLUS» and Charity Fund Medical Relief was coming to Sicily in November, 2010 of Ukrainian delegation led by Yuriy Samoilenko, People's deputy of Ukraine, Deputy Head of the Party of Regions fraction in Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, Secretary of the Committee on National Security and Defence of Parliament of Ukraine, adviser to the President of Ukraine. 
     After visits to various departments of AOU "Policlinico V. Emanuele" was signed an agreement between the presidents of both charitable organizations and CEO of AOU "Policlinico V. Emanuele" Armando Dzhakolone. This agreement will provide further development of the Medical Exchange Program, aimed at practical implementation of the exchange of experiences between physicians of different specialties with the ultimate goal of improving their professional skills and innovative techniques in diagnosis and patient care. 
     The Program "Unified International Medical Telecommunication Space" suggests, for example, to focus on expanding the use of telemedicine, thereby improving the professionalism of medical staff through better communication with foreign colleagues. 
     The Program "Organization of medical aid to Ukrainian citizens abroad" will facilitate obtaining qualified help by the citizens of Ukraine in case if they have one of the diseases, which currently can not be treated in Ukraine. Special attention will be focused on children - orphans, disabled and children from poor families. 
     Among other common goals are such as to establish official contacts for organization of conferences, international seminars and training activities in the area of health care. These issues were discussed during the visit of Ukrainian delegation at the University of Catania during the talks with Deputy Rector Maria Luisa Karnazza and President of the Medical Faculty Francesco Basile. 
     "Exploring new methods of treatment, the best result can be achieved if the two training schools will be united. Important is the organization of Ukrainian doctors visiting clinics in Europe and the possibility of western doctors to attend medical facilities in Ukraine to share their knowledge to improve the skills of health care providers in our country, " - says President of the association« HELIOS ONLUS» Larisa Konishevskaya.



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