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John Wood Ministries, Inc. and The International Medical Education Foundation, Inc.

John Wood Ministries, Inc. and The International Medical Education Foundation, Inc. were established as vehicles through which interested individuals can be involved in direct missionary, evangelistic, humanitarian and medical endeavors.

  Our purpose is:   

  1. Evangelism - Guide men and women into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.     
  2. Discipleship - Build up the body of Christ by strengthening Christians and churches.   
  3. Missions - Equip Christians to be personally involved in sharing their faith.
  4. Church Planting - Assist in establishing and supporting new churches and their pastors.             
  5. Humanitarian - Meet human needs through the distribution of clothes, food, medicine and medical supplies, especially to orphanages.
  6. Scholarships and International Scholars Exchange Program - Assist worthy individuals in education and training; enabling them to return and impact their country.
  7. Orphanages – Adoption counsel; playground construction; supplies and equipment.
  8. Medical Exchange Programs - Leading physicians are brought to the States to learn the latest techniques, medication, treatment and equipment in their specialty. Teams of US physicians practice their specialty in selected cities of the former Soviet Union & train local physicians.
Teams of pastors, physicians and lay people are enlisted, at their own tax-deductible expense, to minister in the churches, participate in evangelistic crusades and conduct Medical Exchange Programs. The distribution of Bibles, Christian literature and Gospel tracts is a vital part of daily ministries in schools, orphanages, hospitals, universities, prisons, military posts and street ministries. Interested individuals can have direct participation by serving on a ministry team or by providing funds to support multiple ministries in a country which was void of religious freedom for over seventy years.
The Ministry prays through each recognized need; Presents the need to those best able to share the concern and supply resources to meet the need; Practices Scriptural stewardship in the application of resources toward sound, Biblically-based church nurturing, evangelism, discipleship and medical ministries.
John Wood Ministries, Inc. and The International Medical Education Foundation, Inc . are inter-denominational, non-profit corporations, exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and operate through a board of directors. All contributions are fully tax-deductible. 
Please covenant to pray for these ministries and for the Lord's leadership in your own personal involvement.
John Wood Ministries, Inc.    
Dr. John Wood, President                       
Newman Copeland, Vice-President     
Billy Davis, Treasurer                               
Charles R. Jaynes, Secretary                 
Carey Hobbs
Larry Meyer
The International Medical Education Foundation, Inc.
Dr. John Wood, President
Dr. Joe Cunningham, Vice-President
Dr. Ariana Cunningham, Treasurer
Sylvia Ferrell RN, Secretary

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